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There is 1 public school managed by Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa School School District serving 0 students in Hayward, WI.
The student:teacher ratio of 0:1 is less than the state average of 15:1.

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(Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa School) Stats (WI) State Statistics
# of Students 0 870,282 students
# of Teachers 0 55,962 Teacher(s)
Student : Teacher Ratio 16:1
# of Male Students 0 440,207 students
% Male Students 50.6%
# of Female Students 0 430,075 students
% Female Students 49.4%
Students by Ethnicity:
# of American Indian Students n/a 11,265 students
% American Indian Students
n/a 1.3%
# of Asian Students 0 30,727 students
% Asian Students
% 3.5%
# of Hispanic Students n/a 84,534 students
% Hispanic Students
n/a 9.7%
# of Black Students n/a 85,257 students
% Black Students
n/a 9.8%
# of White Students n/a 641,651 students
% White Students
n/a 74%
# of Other Students n/a 16,848 students
% of Other Students
n/a 2%
Students by Grade:
# of Students in Pre-Kindergarten: n/a 53,802 students
# of Students in Kindergarten: n/a 60,824 students
# of Students in 1st Grade: n/a 60,567 students
# of Students in 2nd Grade: n/a 60,980 students
# of Students in 3rd Grade: n/a 60,211 students
# of Students in 4th Grade: n/a 60,092 students
# of Students in 5th Grade: n/a 60,953 students
# of Students in 6th Grade: n/a 61,806 students
# of Students in 7th Grade: n/a 61,433 students
# of Students in 8th Grade: 0 students students 61,404 students
# of Students in 9th Grade: n/a 67,540 students
# of Students in 10th Grade: n/a 65,504 students
# of Students in 11th Grade: n/a 66,830 students
# of Students in 12th Grade: n/a 68,336 students
# of Ungraded Students: n/a n/a
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Did You Know?
Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa School School District public schools have a diversity scoreThe chance that two students selected at random would be members of a different ethnic group. Scored from 0 to 1, a diversity score closer to 1 indicates a more diverse student body. of .43, which is higher than the Wisconsin average of . The most diverse school in the district is . Read more about public school diversity statistics in Wisconsin or in the USA.