Arkansas Virtual Academy

The Arkansas Virtual Academy and K12 give Arkansas kids in grades K-8 the chance to learn in ways that are right for them. ARVA offers:

• The award-winning K12 curriculum

• Full-time, tuition-free online public school option

• Support from Arkansas-licensed teachers

• An active, supportive school community

• A range of extracurricular activities


"I love ARVA for many reasons! Our teachers are so helpful and supportive! They really understand that every child is unique. I am so thankful that my family has had the opportunity to do virtual schooling at home. It has been such a blessing for us!" – ARVA parent

"I have really enjoyed my ARVA experience! I like that we can be flexible with our schedule when need be. The K¹² curriculum is wonderful, especially the fact that there is constant reinforcement of main points throughout each lesson. I can see both of my children growing and actually enjoying learning. Thank you for making this such an excellent option for us!" -- ARVA parent