Diversity in US Public Schools By District

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  • Diversity in US public schools varies greatly by district (2018-19).
  • The most diverse district is Natomas Unified School District, with a diversity score of 0.80.

US Public School Diversity Scores By District (2018-19)

Diversity Score
Most Diverse School
Natomas Unified (CA)0.80
Renton School District (WA)0.80
Muskogee (OK)0.80
Idabel (OK)0.80
Federal Way School District (WA)0.79
Elk Grove Unified (CA)0.79
West Buffalo Charter School (NY)0.79
Tukwila School District (WA)0.79
Harmony Science Academy (austin) (TX)0.78
Kent School District (WA)0.78
The Ethical Community Charter School (NJ)0.78
John Swett Unified (CA)0.78
Parkrose 3 (OR)0.78
New York City Geographic District #28 (NY)0.78
The Learning Community Charter School (NJ)0.78
Soar Academy Charter District (WA)0.78
Roseville Public School District (MN)0.77
Brooklyn Center School District (MN)0.77
Travis Unified (CA)0.77
Hawaii Department Of Education (HI)0.77
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Did You Know?
The most diverse school district in the USA is Natomas Unified School District in California with a diversity score of 0.80. The most diverse school is North Star Elementary School in Anchorage, AK with a diversity score of 0.86.