About Us

Public School Review provides free, detailed profiles of USA public schools and their surrounding communities. The site evaluates schools relative to each other and to state-wide averages for several key criteria like teacher:student ratios. The site can be particularly helpful for families who are moving and need to evaluate several potential schools, or for all parents who are exploring different pre-college educational options for their child.

Public School Review is a partner site of Boarding School Review, the leading online resource for evaluating private secondary boarding schools, and Private School Review, a unique resource for researching private day schools across the USA. This network of sites aims to help families learn about and make the best pre-college educational choices for their children.

FAQs for Visitors:

FAQ #1: What if I have questions for a specific school?

If you have a question for a particular school, please contact that school through their phone number located in their profile on our site. Otherwise, you can leave feedback for our staff or email information@publicschoolreview.com if you have other questions!

FAQ #2: How can I obtain public school mailing lists?

Learn more about obtaining our public school mailing lists.

FAQ #3:How can we partner with your site?

For potential partners, please contact Javier Colayco at jcolayco@publicschoolreview.com.