Top 10 Best Cities for Public Schools in Ohio (2022)

The top ranked towns and cities for public schools in Ohio are listed below (2022).
The ranking below is based on the percentage of schools within a town or city which have placed in the top 10% of all schools statewide.
A school's overall rank is based on its combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking. Schools are ranked and compared within their own state only.
Statewide Range: 4% 100% Avg. Statewide: 47%

Top Ranked Cities with Best Public Schools in Ohio (2022)

% of Schools in
Top 10% Statewide
Top Ranked Schools
(Math Proficiency % | Reading Proficiency %)

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Did You Know?

Testing rankings and test scores should not be compared across states - there is large variation in how states define "proficiency" on their standardized tests. In states with the lowest expectations, "proficiency" can be several grade levels below proficiency in states with the highest expectations.