Public Elementary School Average Graduation Rate in Ohio

  • The average public elementary school graduation rate in Ohio is approximately 85% per year (2018-19).
  • The top graduation rate public elementary schools are listed below (where sufficient data available).
  • The top graduation rate school in Ohio is currently David Anderson Jr/sr High School, with a graduation rate of 90%.

Public Elementary School Average Graduation Rate in Ohio (2018-19)

  • School Graduation Rate Grades Location
  • Lisbon1.-3. Graduation Rate: 90-94%
    Grades: 6-12260 W Pine St
    LisbonOH 44432

  • Williamsburg1.-3. Graduation Rate: 90-94%
    Grades: 6-12500 S 5th St
    WilliamsburgOH 45176

  • Oak Hill1.-3. Graduation Rate: 90-94%
    Grades: 6-125063 State Route 93
    Oak HillOH 45656

  • Montpelier4.-7. Graduation Rate: 85-89%
    Grades: 6-121015 E Brown Rd
    MontpelierOH 43543

  • Bucyrus4.-7. Graduation Rate: 85-89%
    Grades: 6-12900 W Perry St
    BucyrusOH 44820

  • Cleveland4.-7.
    Constellation Schools: Parma CommunityCharter School
    Graduation Rate: 85-89%
    Grades: K-127667 Day Dr Fl 1st
    ClevelandOH 44129

  • Toronto4.-7. Graduation Rate: 85-89%
    Grades: 6-121305 Dennis Way
    TorontoOH 43964

  • Painesville8.-11. Graduation Rate: 80-89%
    Grades: 6-12329 Vine St
    PainesvilleOH 44077

  • Newbury8.-11. Graduation Rate: 80-89%
    Grades: 6-1214775 Auburn Rd
    NewburyOH 44065

  • Sebring8.-11.
    Mckinley High School
    Graduation Rate: 80-89%
    Grades: 4-12225 E Indiana Ave
    SebringOH 44672

  • Bowerston8.-11. Graduation Rate: 80-89%
    Grades: 5-127205 Cumberland Rd Sw
    BowerstonOH 44695

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