Top North Carolina School Districts

Top North Carolina School Districts (2018-19)

    School District
    # Students
    Diversity Score
    Graduation %
    Of Robeson County 23,943 n/a 86%
    A.c.e. Academy 311 n/a n/a
    Alamance-burlington Schools 23,115 n/a 81%
    Alexander County Schools 5,084 n/a 86%
    Alleghany County Schools 1,492 n/a 85-89%
    Alpha Academy 781 n/a n/a
    American Renaissance School 542 n/a n/a
    Anderson Creek Club Charter School 230 n/a n/a
    Anson County Schools 3,434 n/a 82%
    Arapahoe Charter School 490 n/a n/a
    Aristotle Preparatory Academy 180 n/a n/a
    Arts Based School 518 n/a n/a
    Artspace Charter 403 n/a n/a
    Ashe County Schools 3,175 n/a 84%
    Asheboro City Schools 4,814 n/a 93%
    Asheville City Schools 4,423 n/a 85%
    Avery County Schools 2,183 n/a ≥95%
    Bear Grass Charter School 359 n/a 80-89%
    Beaufort County Schools 7,066 n/a 81%
    Bertie County Schools 2,435 n/a 80-84%
    Bethany Community Middle 248 n/a n/a
    Bethel Hill Charter 400 n/a n/a
    Bladen County Schools 4,864 n/a 87%
    Bradford Preparatory School 741 n/a n/a
    Brevard Academy 294 n/a n/a
    Bridges Academy 175 n/a n/a
    Brunswick County Schools 12,525 n/a 83%
    Buncombe County Schools 24,563 n/a 86%
    Burke County Schools 12,780 n/a 91%
    Cabarrus Charter Academy 1,122 n/a n/a
    Cabarrus County Schools 31,408 n/a 90%
    Caldwell County Schools 12,187 n/a 91%
    Camden County Schools 1,860 n/a 90-94%
    Cape Fear Center For Inquiry 405 n/a n/a
    Cardinal Charter 927 n/a n/a
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