Top Massachusetts School Districts

  • For the 2018-19 school year, there are 410 top school districts in Massachusetts, serving 952,154 students.
  • The most diverse district is Malden School District, with a diversity score of 0.77.  The largest school district is Boston, serving 53,785 students.

Top Massachusetts School Districts (2018-19)

    School District
    # Students
    Diversity Score
    Graduation %
    Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public (district) 1,426 n/a ≥95%
    Abington 1,934 n/a 90-94%
    Academy Of The Pacific Rim Charter Public (district) 524 n/a ≥90%
    Acton-boxborough 434 n/a n/a
    Acton-boxborough 1,807 n/a n/a
    Acton-boxborough 3,381 n/a 97%
    Acushnet 970 n/a PS%
    Adams-cheshire 1,361 n/a 80-84%
    Advanced Math And Science Academy Charter (district) 989 n/a ≥95%
    Agawam 3,939 n/a 93%
    Alma Del Mar Charter School (district) 284 n/a n/a
    Amesbury 2,267 n/a 90-94%
    Amherst 1,182 n/a n/a
    Amherst-pelham 1,376 n/a 89%
    Andover 6,075 n/a 94%
    Arlington 5,304 n/a 95%
    Ashburnham-westminster 2,350 n/a 90-94%
    Ashland 2,711 n/a 90-94%
    Assabet Valley Regional Vocational Technical 1,079 n/a 96%
    Athol-royalston 1,425 n/a 70-74%
    Atlantis Charter (district) 1,028 n/a n/a
    Attleboro 5,918 n/a 85%
    Auburn 2,454 n/a ≥95%
    Avon 732 n/a 80-89%
    Ayer Shirley School District 1,695 n/a 90-94%
    Barnstable 4,914 n/a 83%
    Barnstable Community Horace Mann Charter Public (district) 290 n/a n/a
    Baystate Academy Charter Public School (district) 303 n/a n/a
    Bedford 2,536 n/a 92%
    Belchertown 2,353 n/a 90-94%
    Bellingham 2,273 n/a 85-89%
    Belmont 4,362 n/a 96%
    Benjamin Banneker Charter Public (district) 349 n/a n/a
    Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public (district) 446 n/a n/a
    Berkley 903 n/a n/a
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