Top New Hampshire Public Schools

Student by Ethnicity

(NH) School Average
Two or more races
NH All Ethnic Groups Ethnicity Breakdown

Top New Hampshire Public Schools by County (2018-19)

  • County
    # Schools
    # Students
    % Minority
  • 24 Schools
    8,927 Students
    7% Minority
  • 23 Schools
    5,724 Students
    4% Minority
  • 40 Schools
    9,446 Students
    8% Minority
  • 23 Schools
    3,795 Students
    6% Minority
  • 51 Schools
    10,965 Students
    9% Minority
  • 118 Schools
    59,403 Students
    22% Minority
  • 57 Schools
    18,544 Students
    10% Minority
  • 93 Schools
    44,420 Students
    10% Minority
  • 38 Schools
    15,690 Students
    12% Minority
  • 23 Schools
    4,521 Students
    7% Minority
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