Top New Mexico School Districts

Top New Mexico School Districts (2018-19)

    School District
    # Students
    Diversity Score
    Graduation %
    Abq School Of Excellence 289 n/a n/a
    Abq Sign Language Academy 98 n/a n/a
    Academy Of Trades And Technical 144 n/a n/a
    Ace Leadership High School 420 n/a n/a
    Alamo Navajo School n/a n/a ≥80%
    Alamogordo 5,304 n/a 70%
    Albuquerque 91,844 n/a 66%
    Aldo Leopold Charter 136 n/a n/a
    Alma D'arte Charter 182 n/a n/a
    Amy Biehl Charter High School 296 n/a n/a
    Aneth Community School n/a n/a n/a
    Animas 167 n/a ≥50%
    Arizona State School For The Deaf And Blind 111 n/a 50-59%
    Artesia 3,970 n/a 77%
    Aztec Municipal Schools 3,235 n/a 68%
    Baca-dlo'ay Azhi Community School n/a n/a n/a
    Belen Consolidated Schools 3,968 n/a 64%
    Bernalillo 2,926 n/a 65-69%
    Bloomfield Schools 3,005 n/a 69%
    Bread Springs Day School n/a n/a n/a
    Capitan Municipal Schools 496 n/a 80-89%
    Carlsbad Municipal Schools 6,285 n/a 75%
    Carrizozo Municipal Schools 147 n/a ≥50%
    Central Consolidated Schools 6,366 n/a 63%
    Chama Valley Indep. Schools 376 n/a 70-79%
    Chi Chil'tah Community School n/a n/a n/a
    Childrens Psyc 20 n/a PS%
    Cien Aguas International School 373 n/a n/a
    Cimarron Municipal Schools 455 n/a 60-69%
    Clayton Municipal Schools 485 n/a ≥90%
    Cloudcroft Municipal Schools 332 n/a ≥80%
    Clovis Municipal Schools 8,120 n/a 70%
    Cobre Consolidated Schools 1,266 n/a 90-94%
    Coral Community Charter 188 n/a n/a
    Corona Municipal Schools 81 n/a ≥50%
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