Top Connecticut School Districts

Top Connecticut School Districts (2018-19)

    School District
    # Students
    Diversity Score
    Graduation %
    Amistad Academy District 1,036 n/a ≥80%
    Andover School District 250 n/a n/a
    Ansonia School District 2,361 n/a 80-84%
    Area Cooperative Educational 1,948 n/a n/a
    Ashford School District 397 n/a n/a
    Avon School District 3,274 n/a 97%
    Barkhamsted School District 286 n/a n/a
    Berlin School District 2,863 n/a 95%
    Bethany School District 383 n/a n/a
    Bethel School District 2,954 n/a 94%
    Bloomfield School District 2,068 n/a 90-94%
    Bolton School District 814 n/a 90-94%
    Booker T Washington Academy D 180 n/a n/a
    Bozrah School District 201 n/a n/a
    Branford School District 3,045 n/a 94%
    Brass City Charter School Dis 186 n/a n/a
    Bridgeport Achievement First 1,016 n/a ≥80%
    Bridgeport School District 21,015 n/a 66%
    Bristol School District 8,086 n/a 83%
    Brookfield School District 2,680 n/a 97%
    Brooklyn School District 898 n/a n/a
    Canaan School District 76 n/a n/a
    Canterbury School District 491 n/a n/a
    Canton School District 1,626 n/a ≥95%
    Capital Preparatory Harbor Sc 249 n/a <50%
    Capitol Region Education Coun 7,852 n/a 92%
    Chaplin School District 176 n/a n/a
    Cheshire School District 4,395 n/a 96%
    Chester School District 211 n/a n/a
    Clinton School District 1,819 n/a 85-89%
    Colchester School District 2,551 n/a 94%
    Colebrook School District 84 n/a n/a
    Columbia School District 445 n/a n/a
    Common Ground High School Dis 186 n/a ≥90%
    Connecticut Technical High Sc 10,710 n/a 97%
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