Top Connecticut Public Schools

Student by Ethnicity

(CT) School Average
Two or more races
This chart display the percentage breakdown of public school students of all ethnic groups in CT.

Top Connecticut Public Schools by County (2018-19)

  • County
    # Schools
    # Students
    % Minority
  • 285 Schools
    146,786 Students
    46% Minority
  • 379 Schools
    140,780 Students
    51% Minority
  • 85 Schools
    24,115 Students
    17% Minority
  • 74 Schools
    21,334 Students
    23% Minority
  • 307 Schools
    127,828 Students
    51% Minority
  • 126 Schools
    38,917 Students
    35% Minority
  • 58 Schools
    19,785 Students
    17% Minority
  • 55 Schools
    17,247 Students
    27% Minority
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