Highest Average Public School Student: Teacher Ratio By Town

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  • Listed below are towns with the highest student:teacher ratio (2018-19).
  • The highest town for student:teacher ratio is Maumee, OH with 31:1.

Highest Average Public School Student:Teacher Ratio By Town (2018-19)

Average Student: Teacher Ratio
Schools with Lowest Student: Teacher Ratio
Maumee, OH31:1
Gateway Middle School (14:1)
Maumee High School (15:1)
Wildwood Environmental Academy (15:1)
Fairfield Elementary School (19:1)
Fort Miami Elementary School (20:1)
Saratoga Springs, UT28:1
Horizon School (13:1)
Lakeview Academy (24:1)
Harvest School (25:1)
Saratoga Shores School (26:1)
Vista Heights Middle School (28:1)
Eunice, LA27:1
East Elementary School (14:1)
Eunice Elementary School (17:1)
Highland Elementary School (18:1)
Glendale Elementary School (19:1)
Central Middle School (21:1)
Clackamas, OR26:1
Cascade Heights Public Charter School (18:1)
Oregon Trail Elementary School (19:1)
Sunnyside Elementary School (22:1)
Verne A Duncan Elementary School (23:1)
Rock Creek Middle School (24:1)
Kaysville, UT26:1
Mountain High School (10:1)
Jefferson Academy (16:1)
Windridge School (24:1)
Fairfield Junior High School (25:1)
Morgan School (25:1)
Layton, UT26:1
Vae View School (18:1)
Crestview School (20:1)
Whitesides School (21:1)
King School (22:1)
Central Davis Junior High School (24:1)
Salem, UT26:1
Mt Loafer School (24:1)
Foothills School (24:1)
Salem Hills High School (25:1)
American Preparatory Academy - Salem (25:1)
Salem School (27:1)
Fairbanks, AK25:1
Golden Heart Academy (2:1)
Salcha Elementary School (11:1)
Effie Kokrine Charter School (14:1)
Two Rivers School (14:1)
Barnette Magnet School (15:1)
Maricopa, AZ25:1
Mobile Elementary School (5:1)
Maricopa Elementary School (22:1)
Pima Butte Elementary School (23:1)
Santa Rosa Elementary School (23:1)
Santa Cruz Elementary School (24:1)
Happy Valley, OR25:1
Mount Scott Elementary School (21:1)
Spring Mountain Elementary School (23:1)
Happy Valley Elementary School (24:1)
Scouters Mountain Elementary School (24:1)
Happy Valley Middle School (26:1)
North Bend, OR25:1
North Bay Elementary School (19:1)
Hillcrest Elementary School (20:1)
North Bend Middle School (21:1)
Lighthouse Charter School (22:1)
North Bend Senior High School (24:1)
American Fork, UT25:1
Dan W. Peterson (13:1)
Forbes School (19:1)
Odyssey Charter School (21:1)
Greenwood School (21:1)
Shelley School (21:1)
Bountiful, UT25:1
Tolman School (20:1)
Washington School (21:1)
Adelaide School (23:1)
Bountiful Junior High School (24:1)
Millcreek Junior High School (24:1)
Magna, UT25:1
Entheos Academy Magna (22:1)
Brockbank Junior High School (23:1)
Scott M Matheson Junior High School (23:1)
Lake Ridge School (23:1)
Copper Hills School (25:1)
Payson, UT25:1
Wilson School (22:1)
Mt. Nebo Junior High School (24:1)
Barnett School (24:1)
Park View School (24:1)
Payson High School (25:1)
Syracuse, UT25:1
Syracuse Arts Academy - Antelope (20:1)
Buffalo Point School (23:1)
Bluff Ridge School (24:1)
Cook School (26:1)
Syracuse Junior High School (27:1)
Westminster, CO24:1
Harris Park Elementary School (16:1)
Rocky Mountain Elementary School (16:1)
Flynn Elementary School (17:1)
Westminster Elementary School (17:1)
Sunset Ridge Elementary School (17:1)
Opelousas, LA24:1
Southwest Elementary School (13:1)
Grolee Elementary School (17:1)
North Elementary School (17:1)
Northeast Elementary School (17:1)
South Street Elementary School (17:1)
West Valley City, UT24:1
John F. Kennedy Junior High School (15:1)
Hunter Junior High School (15:1)
Carl Sandburg School (19:1)
Monticello Academy (20:1)
Endeavor Hall Elementary School (21:1)
Eagle Point, OR24:1
Urceo-upper Rogue Center For Educational Opportunities (20:1)
Hillside Elementary School (20:1)
Lake Creek Learning Center (20:1)
Eagle Point Middle School (22:1)
Eagle Point High School (23:1)
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average public school student:teacher ratio is California, with 24:1. The county with the highest average public school student:teacher ratio is Cache County, UT with 25:1.