Highest Average Public School Student: Teacher Ratio By District

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  • Listed below are districts with the highest student:teacher ratio (2018-19).
  • The highest district for student:teacher ratio is Yukon-koyukuk School District (AK) with 33:1.

Highest Average Public School Student:Teacher Ratio By District (2018-19)

Average Student: Teacher Ratio
Schools with Lowest Student: Teacher Ratio
Yukon-koyukuk School District (AK)33:1
Kaltag School (6:1)
Allakaket School (7:1)
Gladys Dart School (7:1)
Andrew K. Demoski School (8:1)
Ella B. Vernetti School (9:1)
Premier High Schools (TX)31:1
Premier H S American Youthworks High School (13:1)
Premier H S Of Palmview High School (13:1)
Premier H S Of Huntsville High School (16:1)
Premier H S Of Richardson High School (16:1)
Premier H S Of San Juan High School (16:1)
Maricopa Unified School District (AZ)26:1
Maricopa Elementary School (22:1)
Santa Rosa Elementary School (23:1)
Pima Butte Elementary School (23:1)
Santa Cruz Elementary School (24:1)
Maricopa Wells Middle School (25:1)
State-sponsored Charter Schools (NV)26:1
The Davidson Academy of Nevada (10:1)
Coral Academy Of Science Las Vegas (18:1)
Learning Bridge (19:1)
Honors Academy Of Literature (19:1)
Alpine Academy (20:1)
Cache District (UT)26:1
Cache High School (18:1)
River Heights School (21:1)
Lincoln School (22:1)
Nibley School (22:1)
Lewiston School (23:1)
Hempstead Union Free School District (NY)25:1
David Paterson School (20:1)
Alverta B Gray Schultz Middle School (21:1)
Barack Obama Elementary School (21:1)
Jackson Annex School (22:1)
Jackson Main Elementary School (23:1)
Reynoldsburg City (OH)25:1
Herbert Mills Elementary School (21:1)
Taylor Road Elementary School (22:1)
Rose Hill Elementary School (22:1)
Slate Ridge Elementary School (23:1)
Waggoner Road Junior High School (25:1)
Southwest Local (OH)25:1
Harrison Middle School (24:1)
William Henry Harrison High School (24:1)
Whitewater Valley Elementary School (24:1)
Harrison Elementary School (26:1)
Miamitown Elementary School (26:1)
Estacada 108 (OR)25:1
River Mill Elementary School (18:1)
Clackamas River Elementary School (19:1)
Estacada Middle School (21:1)
Estacada High School (23:1)
Summit Learning Charter (55:1)
North Bend 13 (OR)25:1
North Bay Elementary School (19:1)
Hillcrest Elementary School (20:1)
North Bend Middle School (21:1)
Lighthouse Charter School (22:1)
North Bend Senior High School (24:1)
Davis District (UT)25:1
Mountain High School (10:1)
Fremont School (14:1)
Vae View School (18:1)
Foxboro School (20:1)
Crestview School (20:1)
Nebo District (UT)25:1
Oakridge School (8:1)
Landmark High School (10:1)
Sierra Bonita Elementary School (21:1)
Spanish Oaks School (21:1)
Mapleton School (22:1)
Gary Community School Corp (IN)24:1
Dr Bernard C Watson Academy For Boys (10:1)
Beveridge Elementary School (18:1)
Jacques Marquette Elementary School (19:1)
Bailly Preparatory Academy (20:1)
Frankie W Mccullough Academy For Girl (20:1)
Clintondale Community Schools (MI)24:1
Creative Learning Center - Madison Heights (6:1)
Rainbow Elementary School (12:1)
Charles C. Mcglinnen School (16:1)
Clintondale High School (17:1)
Robbie Hall Parker School (19:1)
Plain Local (OH)24:1
Glenwood Intermediate School (21:1)
Avondale Elementary School (22:1)
Charles L Warstler Elementary School (23:1)
Robert A. Taft Elementary School (23:1)
Oakwood Middle School (24:1)
Winfree Academy Charter Schools (TX)24:1
Winfree Academy North Richland Hills (18:1)
Winfree Academy Charter School - Grand Prairie (23:1)
Winfree Academy Charter School (lewisville) (24:1)
Winfree Academy Charter School (richardson) (25:1)
Winfree Academy Charter School (irving) (25:1)
Alpine District (UT)24:1
Polaris High School (7:1)
Summit High School (10:1)
Horizon School (13:1)
Dan W. Peterson (13:1)
Meadow School (14:1)
Box Elder District (UT)24:1
Park Valley Elementary School (8:1)
Snowville School (12:1)
Dale Young Community High School (14:1)
Fielding School (20:1)
North Park School (20:1)
Granite District (UT)24:1
Granite Technical Institute (gti) High School (2:1)
Hartvigsen School (9:1)
Youth Educational Support School (11:1)
Kearns Junior High School (13:1)
Hunter Junior High School (15:1)
Uintah District (UT)24:1
Lapoint School (18:1)
Naples School (19:1)
Uintah Middle School (19:1)
Vernal Middle School (19:1)
Eagle View School (19:1)
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average public school student:teacher ratio is California, with 24:1. The county with the highest average public school student:teacher ratio is Cache County, UT with 25:1.