Highest Average Public School Student: Teacher Ratio By County

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  • Listed below are counties with the highest student:teacher ratio (2018-19).
  • The highest county for student:teacher ratio is Cache County, UT with 25:1.

Highest Average Public School Student:Teacher Ratio By County (2018-19)

Average Student: Teacher Ratio
Schools with Lowest Student: Teacher Ratio
Cache County, UT25:1
Bear River Charter School (16:1)
Edith Bowen Laboratory School (18:1)
Cache High School (18:1)
Fast Forward High School (19:1)
River Heights School (21:1)
Davis County, UT25:1
Mountain High School (10:1)
Fremont School (14:1)
Spectrum Academy - Nsl (15:1)
Jefferson Academy (16:1)
Vae View School (18:1)
Box Elder County, UT24:1
Park Valley Elementary School (8:1)
Snowville School (12:1)
Dale Young Community High School (14:1)
Fielding School (20:1)
North Park School (20:1)
Utah County, UT24:1
South Region Deaf (2:1)
Polaris High School (7:1)
Oakridge School (8:1)
Summit High School (10:1)
Landmark High School (10:1)
Fairbanks North Star County, AK23:1
Golden Heart Academy (2:1)
Salcha Elementary School (11:1)
Ben Eielson Jr/sr High School (12:1)
Two Rivers School (14:1)
Effie Kokrine Charter School (14:1)
Yuma County, AZ23:1
Sentinel Elementary School (7:1)
San Luis Pre-school (9:1)
Antelope Union High School (12:1)
Dateland Elementary School (12:1)
Vista Alternative School (13:1)
Saint Landry County, LA23:1
North Central High School (12:1)
Washington Elementary School (13:1)
Southwest Elementary School (13:1)
Arnaudville Elementary School (14:1)
East Elementary School (14:1)
Juab County, UT23:1
Eureka School (14:1)
Tintic High School (19:1)
Juab Junior High School (22:1)
Juab High School (23:1)
Nebo View School (23:1)
Salt Lake County, UT23:1
South Park Academy (1:1)
Granite Technical Institute (gti) High School (2:1)
Rivers Edge School (3:1)
Blind Region 2 (3:1)
Jean Massieu School For The Deaf (5:1)
Uintah County, UT23:1
Uintah River High School (6:1)
Lapoint School (18:1)
Naples School (19:1)
Uintah Middle School (19:1)
Vernal Middle School (19:1)
Wasatch County, UT23:1
Soldier Hollow Charter School (15:1)
J.r. Smith School (20:1)
Heber Valley School (21:1)
Midway School (21:1)
Old Mill School (21:1)
Washington County, UT23:1
Post High School Self-cont (7:1)
Millcreek High School (9:1)
Valley Academy (14:1)
Enterprise High School (15:1)
Springdale School (16:1)
Weber County, UT23:1
North Region Deaf (3:1)
North Region Blind (6:1)
George Washington High School (10:1)
Club Heights School (18:1)
Midland School (18:1)
Manistee County, MI22:1
Manistee Isd Center Programs (5:1)
Casman Alternative Academy (13:1)
John F. Kennedy Elementary School (18:1)
James Madison Elementary School (18:1)
Onekama Consolidated Schools (19:1)
Coshocton County, OH22:1
Union Elementary School (16:1)
River View High School (17:1)
Conesville Elementary School (18:1)
Warsaw Elementary School (18:1)
River View Middle School (19:1)
Clackamas County, OR22:1
New Urban High School (9:1)
Arts And Technology High School (10:1)
Renaissance Public Academy (12:1)
Clarkes Elementary School (15:1)
Whitcomb Elementary School (16:1)
Coos County, OR22:1
Powers High School (10:1)
Powers Elementary School (10:1)
Destinations Academy (13:1)
Myrtle Point High School (15:1)
Bandon Senior High School (16:1)
Deschutes County, OR22:1
Brothers Elementary School (5:1)
Bear Creek Elementary School (16:1)
Rosland Elementary School (16:1)
Marshall High School (16:1)
Realms (rimrock Expeditionary Alternative Learning Middle School (17:1)
Josephine County, OR22:1
New Bridge High School (11:1)
Sunny Wolf Charter School (14:1)
Woodland Charter School (15:1)
Williams Elementary School (15:1)
Lincoln Elementary School (19:1)
Beaver County, UT22:1
Minersville School (15:1)
Milford School (20:1)
Belknap School (23:1)
Beaver High School (24:1)
Milford High School (24:1)
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average public school student:teacher ratio is California, with 24:1. The county with the highest average public school student:teacher ratio is Cache County, UT with 25:1.