Average Public School Student: Teacher Ratio (2017-2018)

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  • The national average public school student:teacher ratio is approximately 16:1.

Average Public School Student:Teacher Ratio

Average Student: Teacher Ratio
Schools with Lowest Student: Teacher Ratio
North Highland School (2:1)
Continuous Learning Center (3:1)
Linda Nolen Learning Center (3:1)
Sw Ala Regional School Deaf-blind (3:1)
Marion Co Alternative School (5:1)
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Nondalton School (4:1)
Fairbanks Youth Facility (4:1)
Yakov E. Netsvetov School (4:1)
Blackwell School (4:1)
Port Alexander School (4:1)
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Catalina Foothills Valley View Early Learning Center (1:1)
Compass Center (1:1)
Mobile Elementary School (2:1)
Integrated Preschool (2:1)
Pvonline (3:1)
View Top AZ Schools
Ark. School For The Deaf High School (3:1)
Ark. School For The Blind Elementary School (3:1)
Ark. School For The Blind High School (3:1)
Ark. School For The Deaf Elementary School (4:1)
Dermott Jtc School (5:1)
View Top AR Schools
West Sacramento School For Independent Study (1:1)
Centerville High (Continuation School) (1:1)
Lassen View Community Day (1:1)
Berryessa Union Elementary School (1:1)
Alta Vista Alternative Junior High School (1:1)
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Warren Technical North High School (1:1)
Warren Technical Central High School (1:1)
Kim Undivided High School (2:1)
Pritchett Middle School (2:1)
Lone Star Undivided High School (3:1)
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Soundbridge Elementary School (2:1)
Starr High School (2:1)
Integrated Program Models (2:1)
Preschool Team (2:1)
School To Work Program (3:1)
View Top CT Schools
Brennen School (the) (2:1)
Ennis (howard T.) School (3:1)
Sussex Consortium (3:1)
Kent County Community School (3:1)
Carver (g.w.) Educational Center (4:1)
View Top DE Schools
District of Columbia12:1
Choice Academy At Emery (1:1)
Incarcerated Youth Program Correctional Detention Facility High School (4:1)
Sharpe Health School (4:1)
Mamie D Lee School (5:1)
Youth Services Center (6:1)
View Top DC Schools
North Area Elementary Transition School (1:1)
The Florida Center For Child And Family Development (1:1)
Children First Elementary School (1:1)
Community Haven For Adults And Children With Disabilities, I Elementary School (1:1)
Community Technical & Adult Education Center (1:1)
View Top FL Schools
Uhs Of Savannah Coastal Harbor Treatment Center (2:1)
Oakland Meadow School (2:1)
Atlanta Area School For The Deaf (3:1)
Georgia Academy For The Blind (3:1)
T. Carl Buice School (4:1)
View Top GA Schools
Olomana School (3:1)
Kilohana Elementary School (7:1)
Maunaloa Elementary School (8:1)
Hawaii School For The Deaf And Blind (9:1)
Niihau High & Elementary School (9:1)
View Top HI Schools
Salmon Juvenile Detention Center (1:1)
Artec Charter School (1:1)
Dehryl A Dennis Prof-tech Center (1:1)
Cossa (2:1)
Patterson Elementary School (3:1)
View Top ID Schools
Kec Central Efe 170 High School (1:1)
Rssp Attendance Cntr Pass Alternative School (1:1)
Kankakee Area Co-op Day School (1:1)
Douglas School (1:1)
Clay Court Elementary School (2:1)
View Top IL Schools
Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility High School (5:1)
Achieve Virtual Education Academy (5:1)
Mosaics School (5:1)
Bloomington Graduation School (5:1)
Indiana School For The Blind (5:1)
View Top IN Schools
Corwith-wesley High School (4:1)
Belmond-klemme Alternative School (4:1)
Smouse Opportunity School (5:1)
Flex Ed High School (5:1)
Ruby Van Meter School (5:1)
View Top IA Schools
School For Blind High School (2:1)
Greiffenstein Alternative Elementary School (2:1)
Little River Virtual School (2:1)
South Gray Junior High School (3:1)
School For Blind Elementary School (3:1)
View Top KS Schools
Hopkins County Day Treatment (1:1)
Madison County Day Treatment (1:1)
Ridge Hospital Alt. Elementary School (1:1)
Letcher County Alternative Education Center (2:1)
Second Chance Academy (2:1)
View Top KY Schools
Louisiana School For The Visually Impaired (2:1)
Louisiana Correctional Institute For Women High School (2:1)
Alexander Learning Center (3:1)
Louisiana School For The Deaf (3:1)
Louisiana Special Education Center (3:1)
View Top LA Schools
Mountain View Youth Dev Center (2:1)
Frenchboro Elementary School (2:1)
Cliff Island School (4:1)
North Haven Community School (5:1)
Ashley Bryan School (5:1)
View Top ME Schools
John Archer School (2:1)
Robert D. Stethem Educational Center (2:1)
Sharp-leadenhall Elementary School (3:1)
Marley Glen School (3:1)
George W. F. Mcmechen High School (3:1)
View Top MD Schools
Cuttyhunk Elementary School (1:1)
Boston Middle School Academy (1:1)
Laura Lee Therapeutic Day School (2:1)
Salem Prep High School (3:1)
21st Century Skills Academy (3:1)
View Top MA Schools
Sp Ed - Transitions High School (1:1)
Lapeer Co. Education And Technology Center (1:1)
Saginaw Isd Transitions Center (1:1)
Menominee Isd Special Education (1:1)
Jackson Isd Local Based Special Education Programs (1:1)
View Top MI Schools
Kindergarten Prep (1:1)
Pathways Program Middle School (1:1)
North Branch Lab School Alc (1:1)
Hawthorne Diploma Program High School (1:1)
276 Minnetonka Compass High School (1:1)
View Top MN Schools
Stovall Sped Complex (1:1)
Middle School For The Blind High School (2:1)
C B Noblin School (3:1)
Middle School For The Deaf Elementary School (3:1)
Magnolia Grove School (3:1)
View Top MS Schools
Ozark Regional Juvenile Det Ct (1:1)
Mo School For The Blind - Elementary School (2:1)
Juvenile Detention Center (2:1)
Wheeler High School (2:1)
Wheeler Middle School (2:1)
View Top MO Schools
Judith Gap 7-8 Middle School (1:1)
Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facil Elementary School (1:1)
S H School (1:1)
Whitewater 7-8 Middle School (2:1)
Fishtail School (2:1)
View Top MT Schools
Ne Correctional Youth Facility High School (2:1)
Lakeside School (3:1)
Sioux County High School (3:1)
Arthur County High School (4:1)
Wood Lake School (4:1)
View Top NE Schools
Variety Elementary School (1:1)
Gabbs High School (2:1)
Miley Achievement Center Sec (3:1)
Cowan Behavior J/shs (3:1)
Southwest Behavior J/shs (3:1)
View Top NV Schools
New Hampshire12:1
North Country Class Elementary School (2:1)
Virtual Learning Academy (h) (3:1)
Errol Consolidated Elementary School (4:1)
Waterville Valley Elementary School (6:1)
Peep School - Pre School Program (6:1)
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New Jersey12:1
Classical Academy Charter School Of Clifton (1:1)
Monmouth County Career Center (1:1)
Hunterdon County Vocational School District Central Campus (1:1)
Ocean County Vocational Technical School Brick Center (1:1)
Ocean County Vocational Technical School Jackson Center (1:1)
View Top NJ Schools
New Mexico15:1
Nm School For The Deaf (2:1)
Vision Quest Alternative Middle School (2:1)
Nm School For The Blind And Visually Impaired (2:1)
Aztec Youth Academy (3:1)
House Junior High School (3:1)
View Top NM Schools
New York14:1
Reach Academy (the) (1:1)
Greenburgh Eleven Middle School (1:1)
Franklin-essex-hamilton Boces (1:1)
New York State School For The Deaf (2:1)
Legacy School For Integrated Studies (3:1)
View Top NY Schools
North Carolina16:1
Scale School (1:1)
Pauline Jones Middle School (1:1)
South Campus Community Middle School (1:1)
South Campus Community High School (1:1)
Pruette Scale Academy (1:1)
View Top NC Schools
North Dakota12:1
School For The Deaf Pk-8 (2:1)
Robinson Elementary School (2:1)
Fordville-lankin High School (3:1)
Early Childhood Center (3:1)
Goodrich Elementary School (3:1)
View Top ND Schools
Riverview Elementary School (13:1)
Crawford Woods Elementary School (14:1)
Findlay High School (14:1)
Insight School Of Ohio (15:1)
Highland Elementary School (16:1)
View Top OH Schools
Reydon High School (4:1)
Billings High School (4:1)
Taloga High School (4:1)
Dimensions Academy (5:1)
Freedom High School (5:1)
View Top OK Schools
Double O Elementary School (2:1)
Imnaha Elementary School (3:1)
Troy Elementary School (4:1)
Pine Creek Elementary School (4:1)
Ashwood Elementary School (5:1)
View Top OR Schools
South Mountain Secure Trmnt Un High School (3:1)
Youth Forestry Camp #3 High School (3:1)
Cresson Secure Treatment Unit High School (4:1)
Danville Center Adolescent Female (4:1)
North Central Secure Trmnt Unt High School (4:1)
View Top PA Schools
Rhode Island15:1
R.i. School For The Deaf (3:1)
Dcyf Alternative Ed. Program High School (4:1)
The R.y.s.e School (5:1)
Block Island School (6:1)
G. Harold Hunt School (9:1)
View Top RI Schools
South Carolina16:1
School Schoolhool For The Blind Elementary Middle (1:1)
Manning High School (1:1)
School Schoolhool For The Blind High Schoolhool (2:1)
School Schoolhool For The Deaf Elementary Middle (2:1)
Macdougall High School (3:1)
View Top SC Schools
South Dakota14:1
Eagle Butte Junior High - 06 (1:1)
Star Evergreen Junior High School (1:1)
Aberdeen Alternative Learning Center- 12 (1:1)
Sdsbvi Elem-01 Elementary School (1:1)
Sdsbvi High School-02 (1:1)
View Top SD Schools
N. Cleveland Goal Academy (1:1)
Parkway Academy (1:1)
De Kalb County Adult High School (2:1)
Tennessee Elementary School For Deaf (2:1)
Greenbrier Alternative Learning Center (2:1)
View Top TN Schools
Cunningham Special Ed Center (1:1)
El Daep Elementary School (1:1)
Project Tyke Elementary School (1:1)
Collier Daep Elementary School (1:1)
El Daep Elementary School (1:1)
View Top TX Schools
Isle La Motte Elementary School (5:1)
Windham Elementary School (5:1)
Bridgewater Village School (6:1)
Albert Bridge School (west Windsor) (7:1)
Proctor Elementary School (7:1)
View Top VT Schools
Galbreath-marshall Bldg Elementary School (2:1)
Virginia School For Blind (2:1)
Virginia School For Deaf (4:1)
Pimmit Ec Resource Center (5:1)
Fairfax County Adult High School (5:1)
View Top VA Schools
Decatur Elementary School (1:1)
Ready Start Preschool (2:1)
Spokane Valley Technical High School (2:1)
Waldron Island School (2:1)
Star Elementary School (3:1)
View Top WA Schools
West Virginia14:1
Mineral County Alternative School (1:1)
West Virginia School For The Deaf-second (2:1)
Harrison Co Transitional High School (2:1)
Sam Perdue Juvenile Center (3:1)
Fairmont Youth Academy (4:1)
View Top WV Schools
Powder River Elementary School (1:1)
Willow Creek Elementary School (2:1)
Willadsen Elementary School (2:1)
Valley View Elementary School (3:1)
Chugwater High School (3:1)
View Top WY Schools
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average public school student:teacher ratio is California, with 24:1. The county with the highest average public school student:teacher ratio is Lyon County, NV with 36:1.