Directory of Foreign Language Immersion Programs in U.S. Schools

Directory of Foreign Language Immersion Programs in U.S. Schools
We've put together this resource guide to help students and adults get the help they require to choose a good language immersion program.

Our Directory of Foreign Language Immersion Programs, lists the elementary and secondary schools around the United States which have a curriculum to include teaching of a second language. We have used categories like Complete Immersion, Partial Immersion, and Two-way Immersion programs to prepare the directory. This article is aimed at students with English as their native language. It encourages bilingualism among students and works excellently towards developing progressive cognitive skills.

We have divided the resources into four groups to help you find exactly what you want.


General Foreign Language Immersion Programs - This is an article with the most comprehensive list of websites. Here you can learn everything about language immersion programs, prepared by a Director of Foreign Language Education Center for Applied Linguistics. The site has great information about the features and trends of immersion programs over the years.

Benefits of Language Immersion - This website contains useful information about academic, educational, economic and socio-cultural benefits of language immersion programs.

Language Immersion and Language Study Abroad Programs - Here you will find an excellent list and information about schools or institutions offering total immersion programs across the best destinations around the world.

Centre for Applied Linguistics - This website discusses various points about language immersion programs like: The goal of an immersion program, its effect on verbal English, keys to a successful immersion program, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Two-way immersion programs

Two-Way Immersion Kindergarten Programs - Here you will find all the necessary information you require, like enrollment criteria, enrollment procedure and registration for language immersion programs included in Fairfax County Public Schools.

California Two-Way Immersion Programs Directory Texas Two-Way - Bilingual Education - This is a very useful website to find the list of schools in Texas offering a Spanish-English two-way immersion program in their curriculum.

Granite District Schools with Dual Immersion Programs Directory - This website has a complete list of schools in the Granite District offering foreign language immersion programs and the languages offered in those programs.

Partial Immersion programs

Lexington Partial Immersion Program - This website contains information on partial immersion programs included in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools as well as the languages offered in these separate programs.

Chinese Partial Immersion Program - Partial immersion program for Chinese languages offered by Jenks Public Schools gives useful information you might require. The program includes a kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade class.

Partial Immersion Programs - This website offers a list of public schools offering partial immersion programs in North Carolina. The site also has a list of schools offering Developmental Bilingual programs which are designed to help non-English speaking students learn English.

Spanish Partial Immersion Program - This website contains information about Spanish partial immersion programs offered at Christopher Farms Elementary School.

Complete Immersion programs

Berlitz Total Immersion - This website provides information about total immersion programs offered by Berlitz. It also offers great ideas on language training, language assessment and testing, online language training, and everything you need to know about foreign language immersion programs.

Saint Louis Language Immersion Schools - This website is about the total immersion programs offered by St. Louis Language Immersion Schools Inc. Their language immersion program includes a French, a Spanish and a Chinese School.

Total Immersion Language Courses Abroad - This website contains a comprehensive resource of total immersion programs in various languages offered by countries all over the world.

Latin American & Total Spanish Immersion Program in Panama - This is a website on Spanish and Latin American total language immersion programs offered in Panama along with prices on each of the programs.

If you wish to have any other immersion programs included in our directory, or make any corrections to our current directory, please feel free to contact us. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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