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Learn more about preparing your child and wallet for a new school year. Inside you’ll find valuable advice to help your family prepare for the transition from swimsuits to school. While there is no tuition, public school education does not come without costs. Learn more about budgeting for a new school year and get great money saving tips.
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Updated April 06, 2018 |
10 Ways to Help Your Student Start the School Year on the Right Foot
Use these sage tips to ensure your children’s start to the school year is as smooth and trouble-free as possible.
The upcoming school year brings a mix of emotions for kids and parents alike – from excitement over the promise of new beginnings to anxiety over the fear of the unknown. No matter how you child faces the new year, you can help him or her to make the most of the experience. These tips help you to help your child start the new school year on the right foot.

Ease into a Schedule

Most children spend their summers staying up late and sleeping in, which can make the adjustment to an earlier school schedule a bit of a shock to the system. Plan for a softer transition by easing children into the school schedule gradually during the last week or two of summer break. By pushing bedtimes up by one-half or one hour each week, your child will be better prepared to meet that first early bell with a smile.
Plan to Eat Right
PBS Parents recommends re-focusing summer eating habits that might have consisted of junk food on the run to healthy sit-down meals as a family whenever possible. When children spend many hours each day in a classroom, they need all the nutrition they can get to keep their brains in top performing condition. Begin with healthy breakfast selections, and try to have family dinner nights as often as possible throughout the week.
Set Up a Homework Station
Homework time will go that much more smoothly if all the necessary supplies are right at
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Updated June 17, 2017 |
Is Your Child Ready for the Upcoming School Year? 10 Ways to Know
From kindergarteners to middle school students, use this age-specific, sage advice to evaluate and help your child prepare for the next school year.
A new school year is filled with excitement and expectation for most children, but for those who are unsure whether they are prepared for the next grade, the time can also be filled with worry and trepidation. How can parents know definitively their children are ready to advance to the next step of their academic career? There are a number of signs to watch for, and many more tips parents can use to get their kids started on the right foot when the new school year begins.

Getting Started in Early Education – Separation, Focus and Reading 

The early years of school are an exciting time for children, but they can also be a scary time for some. To ensure your child is ready to enter the hallowed halls of academia, consider the following:
  • Leaving Mom and Dad – Is your child ready to say goodbye to you every morning? If not, begin breaking those attachment ties down by enrolling your tot in a preschool or church program. According to Family Education, children entering Kindergarten should be happy away from home and be able to handle basic needs like bathroom trips on their own.
  • Focusing on Tasks – Throughout the early years of school, children must learn to focus on tasks and see them through to completion. This process begins in Kindergarten with “circle time” and cut and paste projects and continues through first and second grade, with reading groups, math tests and writing practice. Great Schools recommends giving
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