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Foreign Language Study Abroad
We've put together this resource guide to help students, adults and professionals get the information they require to choose a good destination to study language abroad.
We've put together this resource guide to help students, adults and professionals get the information they require to choose a good destination to study language abroad.

Studying language abroad is one of best educational experiences you can have. There is no better way of learning a language than living in the country, being surrounded by native people every day and use it in everyday life. It works greatly towards achieving your language skills. You can meet new people and fellow international students therefore enhancing your experience as well as your professional network. If you are a foreign language major or want to make a career out of it, studying abroad is the best step you can take towards achieving it. It gives your resume the right amount of boost.

There are hundreds of destinations around the world which offer language study program choosing from which can be an overwhelming task. So, we have listed some useful resources to help you find information related to language study abroad. We have divided the resources in three groups to help you find exactly what you are searching for.

General – Spanish Language Program – Italian Language Program

CIEE study abroad - This is a very useful website which offers great options for people who are interested in studying language abroad. This site provides a list of programs offered in several countries. It also offers a comprehensive idea about local cultures and languages of several countries like Russia, Italy, Germany, China and Spain.
SIT Study Abroad - This website offers summer, and academic year language study programs in nearly 40 countries in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. It also offers comparative programs in multiple locations.
GSE Abroad - This website offers overseas language study program in Europe and Latin America. Languages available are Spanish, Italian, French and English and students can choose from a range of summer, quarter, trimester, semester, and year-long study programs offered.
Modern Language Study Abroad - This website offers language programs for people interested in studying in Spain, Italy, France and Costa Rica. This site includes specially designed programs for Spanish teachers, graduate and undergraduate students.
Spanish Language Program

Directory of Spanish Schools- This website provides a complete list of resources for schools offering language immersion program in Spanish.
Spanish Immersion experience in Latin America - This website is about Spanish Immersion program offered by Latin Immersion. They provide opportunities to study language in multiple locations like Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.
Intensive Spanish Language Program - This is a Spanish language program offered by ISA to the American and Canadian students. They are currently also offering a back to back Spanish language summer program for 2013.
Study Abroad in Guanajuato - This website is about studying Spanish Language while living in Guanajuato, Mexico. This abroad study program is offered by CIEE. Students can choose from an array of programs offered like two-week January Spanish Language program, summer Spanish Language Program or a semester/yearlong Liberal Arts Program.

Italian Language Program

Intensive Italian Language & Culture Studies - This website is about abroad study program for Italian Language in Catania, Sicily. This is an Intensive Italian Language & Culture Studies program offered by CET. This site has the complete list of information about the programs along with the fee structure.
Study Italian abroad at Dante Alighieri Siena - This is a website about Italian Language Immersion program offered at Dante Alighieri Siena. They offer study programs in Siena, Ischia and Viterbo.
Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue (SASL) - This website provides information for Italian Language study program offered by SASL in Sorrento. Their abroad study program offers individual and group study courses, online Italian lessons, cultural course and teacher training program.
Siena Italian Studies - Siena Italian Studies offers full immersion study abroad programs like summer program and semester program at the International Center for Intercultural Exchange in Siena, Italy. Their website contains complete information for various courses like three week intensive Italian language course, semester Italian language course, contemporary Italian literature etc.

If you wish to have any other program to be included in our directory or make any corrections please feel free to contact us.

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