Resources, Lesson Plans, and Activities for Kindergartens

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Resources, Lesson Plans, and Activities for Kindergartens
This is a comprehensive resource for sample kindergarten schedules, worksheet ideas, and center ideas for teachers
A wealth of resources and web site links for all subject areas for kindergarten teachers.
  • Shape Book Patterns - A to Z Shape Book Patterns with and without lines
  • Literacy Sites available en francais and English - Literacy Center offers a fun and interactive site where early learners can explore numbers, letters, colours and shapes in English and French.
  • CENTER SIGNS - A wonderful site. Every sign you can think of ! Great for labeling ~
  • Internet4classrooms - Online Interactive Web Sites ~ Literacy and Math ~ For use as Independent Skill Activities during Center Time
  • More Sequenced Lesson Plans from Utah - Looking for ideas and formal lesson plans and activites for your core curriculum then do check this one out!
  • BACKFLIP Kinder Collection
  • Carls Corner - 'Where kids play and teachers learn' Literacy
  • FRENCH sites - FSL Activities with M. Renaud
  • KINDERGARTEN ~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Includes Kindergarten systems of various countries, functions of Kindergarten, what should kindergarten activities include, readings and external links
  • Kindergarten Rubrics - In writing and science..can be modified and adapted
  • Kindergarten Web Site...ings of the Day - Check in here frequently for new additions!
  • Mrs. McCullers' Top Dog Blog - Kindergarten Blogs ... you made a great job for your Blog.
  • - Kindergarten Consultant
  • Kindergarten Web Sit...ings of the Day -
  • Songs 4 Teachers - Back to School - Presents songs & poems for 'Back to School' and more!
  • Teacher.Net Lesson Plans - A plethora of lesson plans and ideas.
  • Tracking Templates - GREAT TOOL FOR K Teachers - Tracking Templates for Personal & Social Development skills
  • abcteach index of resources -
  • chatboard - Current topics are discussed along with the Latest buzz on the Kindergarten Teachers Chatboard
Language Arts/Literacy
  • Enchanted Learning Dictionary Page - Use with reading buddies or as HOME/SCHOOL connection.
  • ABC Printouts ~ Perfect for Kindergarten - Printable coloring pages of ABC's for kids
  • - This site offers a beginning reading program which includes printable Free Worksheets and beginning reading printable books.
  • 123 Reading Road - Provides materials to support the early stages of reading development.
  • A Peek into Our Room - Setting up a new classroom. Do give Mrs. Bonthuis's Class a Peek! Definitely a photo opportunity!
  • AWESOME Learn to Read at Starfall - Starfall is a creative website designed to teach children to read. It features interactive books and phonics games and printouts.
  • Activities Pages from the JAN BRETT SITE - Do check out the character masks, alphabet, numbers and colouring pages. You can copy paste and enlarge to make posters in ClarisWorks.
  • An Animal Print Out Pattern Book - Similar to 'BROWN BEAR.....'
  • BACK to SCHOOL CHECKLISTS - Checklists..Back to School Songs and September Themes
  • Beginning to Read - A GREAT Home/School Connection!!
  • Bembo's Zoo - This site offers a great alphabet book online. Try the Flash version, and watch the letters transform into zoo animals.
  • Between the Lions Things to Print - Great literacy site!
  • CanTeach - Songs and Poems - Great resource!!
  • Canadian Kids Page - Sing a Song with the Canadian Kids Page Karaoke Player. Over 50 fun songs - Requires Real Player! Use your Reading buddies here!
  • FableVision Place FABULOUS - AWARD WINNING SITE!! Visit the Fable Library for online stories and tune in to Fable Radio to hear stories online. GREAT FOR READING BUDDIES
  • Handwriting for Kids - Worksheets online to help students tackle Manuscipt or Cursive letters. Sheets include months of the year, days of the week, and basic sentences.
  • Jan Brett's Home Page - A great place for ideas! Use of a colour printer is advised here!
  • Jan Brett's Phonogram posters - Five new Phonogram pages in both bulletin board and flash card format.
  • Literacy Centers - Kindergarten - Setting up Litercy Centers in the Kindergarten Classroom
  • Literacy Hour CVC Words - 10 new activity sheets each focussing on a different medial vowel or final phoneme. These activities require only a brief introduction from a teacher or parent and are suitable for independent group work within the Literacy Hour. They're fun to do at home too!
  • Literacy Sheets from the UK - Some of these can be used in late SR Kindergarten
  • Marc Brown's ARTHUR site: ACTIVITY CORNER - Activities Index in all subject areas! Try the movement and gross motor control areas amongst others.
  • More Books You Can Make for Your Students - Booklets to Print and Colour etc.
  • Piggyback Songs - Piggyback songs provide a way to generate content-rich text for emergent readers and writers.
  • Pre K to Grade 1 Printable Worksheets
  • Reading and Phonics - This phonics site has beginning and ending, as well as short vowel sounds. Children will click on the pictures with the same sound as, for instance, short u in tub. Very much like colorful, interactive online worksheets.
  • Roy the Zebra - NEW..similar to Starfall for emergent readers..literacy, games and worksheets...Free, easy to use and quick to download, includes words that rhyme and high frequency words.
  • School-Home Links Reading Kit - 100 School-Home Links activities for the kindergarten level. The activities are organized by reading and literacy skills appropriate to this grade.
  • Story Place - Encourages students to listen to interactive children's stories, play with on-line activities, print out take-home activities, a reading list is included
  • StoryNory...Gingerbread Man - Storynory (which you can subscribe to via iTunes if you are an iPod owner) also has a Web site where you can download stories for young children. ,,ie the ever popular Gingerbread Man
  • Lessons - Teacher' lesson plan exchange ~ topical lesson ideas submitted by teachers.
  • Webbing into Literacy (WIL) - Can be used as a Home/School Early Literacy connection. Exposure to rhymes and books are stressed!
Web Pages/Mailing Lists
  • CREATE YOUR INSTANT WEB PAGE or BLOG! - A Blog COMMUNICATION WEB PAGE FOR PARENTS/STUDENTS/STAFF etc. Easy to create and easy to update. I love this for classroom communication, journals, language arts or relective learning. I created this one on the fly. CLICK ON THE ORANGE 'E' emblem to begin your own BLOG. No HTML knowledge required. Automatically updates to their blogger server
  • Robert Munsch - Click on the RED block for Storytime with Robert Munsch..listen to Mr. Musch read his published books..from 'The Boy in the Drawer' to the 'Paperbag Princess'
  • Duga's Doghouse - is a site developed by Denise Fischer, a Kindergarten and Grade One teacher in Missouri. It contains dozens of theme unit and curriculum ideas specifically for the JK-2 grade levels.
  • EDSELECT'S Kindergarten MEGA Page - A Guide for Kindergarten Teachers!! ... Webmaster: Pat Elliott, Library Specialist!
  • Early Childhood Art Lessons - They include:Foil and String Art, Painting to Music, Picture Puzzle Piece. Color Mixed Hand Prints. Q-tip Painting. Leaves of Gold, Dough Recipes and so on
  • Enchanted Learning - rning Web site provides an introduction to the Internet for viewers as young as preschool. The site has pages of information and activities for a variety of subjects. The 'Zoom' sections bring particular topics 'closer' for inspection. Users can zoom into everyday life in a different country or zoom in for more information on dinosaurs, marine life, birds, or wildlife. Some of the most popular children's rhymes are located here. The 'Little Explorers' dictionary is an online pictionary with links to more than 1,000 educational activities and games on the Internet. The dictionary is available in English, English-French
  • Invitations to Literacy (Themes) - kindergarten themes from Houghton Mifflin's Invitations to Literacy program. Choose a theme name to find Theme-related extension activities, links to relevant Web sites, and an up-to-date bibliography of supplementary readings.
  • KinderCrafts - About 50 project ideas for young children. Some are more appropriate for a home project but there are ample ideas for the teacher as well.
  • Kindergarten-Make It FUN and Watch Them LEARN! - NEW A Kindergarten site packed with units and literacy centers based on the 'balanced literacy' method. Tired of the 'same old stuff'? Excited about teaching? Then this is the site for you!!!
  • Literacy Tips for the 10 Minute Parent - A to Z Themes.
  • Mrs. Jone's Kindergarten - emphasis on literacy resources
Centre Ideas/Resources etc.
  • A List of Daily Math Graph & Yes-No Questions (K-2)
  • A List of Ideas for Math Centres
  • Ed Helper's Alphabet & Number Printouts - Make booklets ~ cut and paste pictures into letter of the week booklet! Wonderful tracing sheets to accompany letter of the week.
  • MORE FREE Black and White Clip Art - Topical and thematic; wonderful for newsletters and student worksheets.
  • Mrs. Alphabet - Lots of alphabet activities
  • PBS TEACHER SOURCE - Teacher Source is a sort of classroom lesson planner, albeit somewhat centered around PBS productions. Take heart; if ever there were television programming worth centering lessons around, PBS is it.
  • Sample CLASSROOM SCHEDULES - The following schedules have been submitted by classroom teachers who were willing to share their daily schedule on the internet. Thank you to all who have contributed!
  • Tracing Paper for Writing Practice
Links to Your Curriculum

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