The Best Resources for Homeschool Lessons

Updated June 15, 2016 |
The Best Resources for Homeschool Lessons
Check out these helpful resources to collect ideas and information about developing effective homeschool lesson plans for your children!
Homeschooling allows parents the freedom to instruct their children at home; however, sometimes finding good lesson plans, ideas, and resources can be challenging. Check out these helpful sites to collect ideas and information about developing effective lesson plans for your children!




General Information on Lesson Plans



Grade School


  • Dig In!, a lesson from BBC Schools, provides parents with a number of resources for teaching their children about farming and gardening. Be sure not to miss this valuable resource!
  • Drawing with Children is a book that Donna Young used to create a lesson plan to help children learn to draw. Use the book and lesson plan to get your young students drawing!
  • Families on Display is a lesson plan that teaches children about different family roles and structures. The lesson includes performance expectations, a list of materials, procedures, assessment, and more.
  • Lessons in Alphabetizing Words, a lesson plan from Donna Young, guides parents through how to teach their children how to alphabetize words.
  • Manuscript Handwriting Lessons provides parents with a plethora of resources for teaching handwriting. This site includes links to printable handouts for children to practice their handwriting.
  • Water Cycle Lesson Plan provides parents with ideas and information for teaching young students about weather cycles. Don't miss these useful ideas!


Middle School


  • Become a Logophile is a lesson about creative writing developed by an educator in Oklahoma. There are many activities that allow students to explore and strengthen creative writing skills.
  • Discovery Education provides a plethora of lesson plans for middle school students. Parents can explore topics such as literature, mathematics, fine arts, ecology, and ancient history.
  • Continental Drift, a resource from Discovery Education, is a detailed lesson plan for educators to use with students. Objectives, a material list, procedures, adaptations, discussion questions and more are provided in this comprehensive lesson plan.
  • Little Sprouts is a lesson plan that will help children understand what happens when seeds sprout. Follow the clear instructions to help students learn about this important process!
  • Read All About It! is a lesson developed by an Alaskan teacher that allows students to develop a newspaper that highlights events that occurred during the year they were born.  This is a simple lesson with powerful results.


High School


  • Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping parents as they home school their children. They offer a comprehensive list of publishers that create material for high school home schooling. 
  • Homeschooling High School, an article from Let's Homeschool, provides tips for parents who have high school-age children in a home school setting. The article discusses the challenges of homeschooling high-schoolers, as well as sources of assistance for working with children in this age group.


Classroom Management


  • Classroom Management, a collection of strategies used by professional educators, offers helpful tips and techniques for using effective management in the classroom.
  • Classroom Management Strategies provides helpful tips such as setting expectations for behavior, managing student academic work, managing inappropriate behavior, and more. Don't miss this useful resource.
  • Classroom Management: Strategies that Work, a resource from the Primary Education Oasis, provides parents with useful tips and techniques for developing effective classroom management strategies.
  • Effective Classroom Management provides classroom management tips such as setting a positive tone and providing consistent consequences and rewards. Help your children behave in a home school setting by perusing through these suggestions.
  • Homeschool Classroom Setting, an article from Mary Joyce, provides tips on how to set up your home school classroom. In order to create a positive classroom environment, parents must carefully they construct their home school environment.
  • Top Ten Classroom Rules provides parents with a list of rules to help them create positive classroom environments with effective classroom management.

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