Highest Average Public School Minority Breakdown By County

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  • Listed below are counties with the highest minority students (2018-19).
  • The highest county for minority is Aibonito County, PR with 100%.

Highest Average Public School Minority Breakdown By County (2018-19)

% Minority
Most Diverse Schools (% Stud. of Color)
Aibonito County, PR100%
Rafael Pont Flores Middle School (100%)
Federico Degetau Ii Elementary School (100%)
Su La Plata (carmen Z Vega) Elementary School (100%)
Elemental Rabanal Elementary School (100%)
Federico Degetau I (100%)
Cayey County, PR100%
Elemental Miguel Melendez Munoz Elementary School (100%)
Luis Munoz Rivera Elementary School (100%)
Salvador Brau Elemental Elementary School (100%)
Su Rexford G. Tugwell Elementary School (100%)
Consuelo Lopez Benet Elementary School (100%)
Arecibo County, PR100%
Jose Gualberto Padilla Middle School (100%)
Felix Rosario Rios Elementary School (100%)
Victor Rojas 1 (100%)
Easton Elementary School (100%)
Su Dr. Cayetano Coll Y Toste (100%)
Comerio County, PR100%
Herminio Sierra Elementary School (100%)
Juana Colon High School (100%)
Claudio Ferrer Cotto Elementary School (100%)
Su Ramon A. Ayala (100%)
Maria C. Huertas(la Prieta) Elementary School (100%)
Camuy County, PR100%
Pablo Avila Gonzalez Middle School (100%)
Luis F. Crespo (sup. Nueva) High School (100%)
Su Santiago R. Palmer (100%)
Jose M. Hernandez Elementary School (100%)
Laurentino Estrella Elementary School (100%)
Cidra County, PR100%
Su Juan D. Stubbe (100%)
Luis MuNoz Iglesias School (100%)
Elemental Urbana K-6 Elementary School (100%)
Su Pedro Diaz Fonseca (100%)
Su Certenejas Ii Elementary School (100%)
Cabo Rojo County, PR100%
James Garfield Elementary School (100%)
Pedro Nelson Colberg Middle School (100%)
Severo E. Colberg Ramirez Elementary School (100%)
Segunda Unidad Bo Puerto Real (100%)
Su Federico Degetau (100%)
Bayamon County, PR100%
Josefina Barcelo Elementary School (100%)
Julio Ressy Elementary School (100%)
Francisco Gaztambide High School (100%)
Intermedia Rexville Middle School (100%)
Dolores Alvarez Montanez Elementary School (100%)
Anasco County, PR100%
Alcides Figueroa Middle School (100%)
Sergio Ramirez De Arellano (especializada) High School (100%)
Espino Elementary School (100%)
Mariana Bracetti Elementary School (100%)
Isabel Suarez Middle School (100%)
Catano County, PR100%
Jose A. Nieves Elementary School (100%)
Horace Mann Elementary School (100%)
Ramon B. Lopez (100%)
Onofre Carballeira Middle School (100%)
Rafael Cordero Elementary School (100%)
Caguas County, PR100%
Justina Vazquez Mendoza Elementary School (100%)
Rafael Quinones Vidal Middle School (100%)
Rosa C. Benitez Elementary School (100%)
Pepita Garriga Elementary School (100%)
Miguel F. Chiques Elementary School (100%)
Aguada County, PR100%
Eugenio Gonzalez Gonzalez Elementary School (100%)
Zoilo Cajigas Sotomayor Elementary School (100%)
Lydia Melendez Elementary School (100%)
Juan B. Soto (100%)
Su Martin Hernandez (100%)
Barranquitas County, PR100%
Canabon Abajo Elementary School (100%)
Stephen S. Husse (la Vega) Elementary School (100%)
Intermedia Bo Quebradillas Middle School (100%)
Federico Degetau (su Palo Hincado) (100%)
Jose Colon Gonzalez Elementary School (100%)
Coamo County, PR100%
Jose Ramon Rodriguez Elementary School (100%)
Jose M Espada Elementary School (100%)
Jose Felipe Zayas High School (100%)
Su Manuel Candanedo (100%)
Hilda Raquel Mateo (santa Ana) Elementary School (100%)
Ciales County, PR100%
Concepcion Perez Elementary School (100%)
Cristobal Vicens Elementary School (100%)
Su Pozas (100%)
Su Toribio Rivera (100%)
Republica Del Ecuador Elementary School (100%)
Corozal County, PR100%
Genaro Bou Elementary School (100%)
Manuel Bou Gali Middle School (100%)
Porfirio Cruz Garcia High School (100%)
Su Nicolas Rodriguez Elementary School (100%)
Hipolito Caldero Elementary School (100%)
Carolina County, PR100%
Maria Lopez Ponce Elementary School (100%)
Lorenzo Vizcarrondo High School (100%)
Pascasio P. Sancerrit Elementary School (100%)
Jesus Rivera Bultron Middle School (100%)
Rene Marques Middle School (100%)
Aguas Buenas County, PR100%
Ramon L. Rivera (juan Asencio) Elementary School (100%)
Ezequiel Ramos Lasanta Elementary School (100%)
Luis Munoz Marin Elementary School (100%)
Mulitas Alvelo Elementary School (100%)
Luis Santaella Elementary School (100%)
Kusilvak County, AK100%
Mountain Village School (100%)
Emmonak School (100%)
Sheldon Point School (100%)
Pilot Station School (100%)
Hooper Bay School (100%)
Oglala Lakota County, SD100%
Pine Ridge School (100%)
Red Shirt School - 04 (100%)
Loneman Day School (100%)
Wolf Creek School - 02 (100%)
Little Wound School (100%)
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average public school minority percentage is District of Columbia, with 90%. The county with the highest average public school minority percentage is Aibonito County, PR with 100%.