Highest Average Public School Minority Breakdown By County

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  • Listed below are counties with the highest minority students (2018-19).
  • The highest county for minority is Caguas County, PR with 100%.

Highest Average Public School Minority Breakdown By County (2018-19)

% Minority
Most Diverse Schools (% Stud. of Color)
Caguas County, PR100%
Su Mercedes Palma (100%)
Antonio S Paoli (l Musica) (especializada) (100%)
Juan Navarro Elementary School (100%)
Eloiza Pascual High School (100%)
Ramon Brugueras Elementary School (100%)
Aibonito County, PR100%
Rosario Belber (100%)
Su Jose C. Barbosa (100%)
Dr. Jose N. Gandara High School (100%)
Dra. Carmen Delia Colon Martinez Elementary School (100%)
Su Pasto (100%)
Cayey County, PR100%
Su Eugenio Maria De Hostos Elementary School (100%)
Ramon Frade Elementary School (100%)
Sup. Miguel Melendez Munoz High School (100%)
Benigno Fernandez Garcia Middle School (100%)
Benigno Carrion Elementary School (100%)
Arecibo County, PR100%
Julio Seijo Elementary School (100%)
Dolores Gomez De Roman Elementary School (100%)
Su Barrio Sabana Hoyos (nueva) (100%)
Escuela De Bellas Artes (especializada) (100%)
Su Federico Degetau (100%)
Comerio County, PR100%
Luis Munoz Marin Middle School (100%)
Su Maria C. Santiago (100%)
Pinas Arriba Elementary School (100%)
Juan Zamora Elementary School (100%)
Superior Vocacional Nueva High School (100%)
Camuy County, PR100%
Su Joaquin Vazquez Cruz (100%)
Esc. Int. Baldorioty De Castro Middle School (100%)
Pedro Amador Elementary School (100%)
Amalia Lopez De Avila Elementary School (100%)
Su Antonio Reyes (100%)
Cidra County, PR100%
Nueva Elemental Bo Santa Clara Elementary School (100%)
Su Pedro M. Dominicci (100%)
Clemencia Melendez (100%)
Ana J. Candelas High School (100%)
Superior Vocacional High School (100%)
Cabo Rojo County, PR100%
Monserrate Leon De Irizarry High School (100%)
Su Antonio Acarron Correa (100%)
Carlota Matienzo Elementary School (100%)
Manuel Fernadez Juncos Elementary School (100%)
Luis Munoz Marin (100%)
Bayamon County, PR100%
Herminia Rivera (guaraguao Carretera) Elementary School (100%)
Juan Morell Campos Elementary School (100%)
Faustino Santiago Montalvo Elementary School (100%)
Epifanio Fernandez Vanga Elementary School (100%)
Dr. Jose A. Padin (100%)
Anasco County, PR100%
Luis Munoz Marin High School (100%)
Parcelas Maria Elementary School (100%)
Ovejas Elementary School (100%)
Antonio Gonzales Suarez (especializada) Elementary School (100%)
Su Playa Elementary School (100%)
Catano County, PR100%
Teodoro Roosevelt Elementary School (100%)
Rosendo Matienzo Cintron Elementary School (100%)
Isaac Del Rosario Elementary School (100%)
Mercedes Garcia De Colorado Middle School (100%)
Francisco Oller High School (100%)
Aguada County, PR100%
Su Epifanio Estrada (100%)
Manuel Morales Feliciano Elementary School (100%)
Maria L. Jimenez Lopez Elementary School (100%)
R.p. Pablo Gutierrez Flores Elementary School (100%)
Arsenio Martinez (100%)
Barranquitas County, PR100%
Luis Munoz Marin High School (100%)
Su Helechal Elementary School (100%)
Sinforoso Aponte Elementary School (100%)
Inocencio Cintron Zayas Elementary School (100%)
Jose Berrios Berdecia Int. Urbana Middle School (100%)
Coamo County, PR100%
Rufino Huertas Elementary School (100%)
Aurelia Quintero Laboy Elementary School (100%)
Ramon Jose Davila High School (100%)
Purificacion Rodriguez Elementary School (100%)
Rio Jueyes (100%)
Ciales County, PR100%
Juan Antonio Corretjer High School (100%)
Su Francisco Serrano Middle School (100%)
Pesa Parcelas Elementary School (100%)
Nueva Escuela Urbana De Ciales (100%)
Zenon Rivera Elementary School (100%)
Corozal County, PR100%
Antonio Rivera Elementary School (100%)
Dr. Jose Padin Elementary School (100%)
Jose Fernandez Rubial Elementary School (100%)
Emilio R. Delgado High School (100%)
Nueva Sup Con Departamento Vocacional (100%)
Carolina County, PR100%
Francisco Matias Lugo Elementary School (100%)
Dr. Jose M. Lazaro High School (100%)
Julia De Burgos (100%)
Luis Munoz Marin Elementary School (100%)
Martin Gonzalez Middle School (100%)
Aguas Buenas County, PR100%
Su Sumidero (carmen D. Oritz Ortiz) (100%)
Luis T Balinas Elementary School (100%)
Alfonso Lopez O'neill Elementary School (100%)
Superior Urbana High School (100%)
Su Bayamoncito (100%)
Kusilvak County, AK100%
Scammon Bay School (100%)
Russian Mission School (100%)
Marshall School (100%)
Chevak School (100%)
Kotlik School (100%)
Oglala Lakota County, SD100%
Loneman Day School (100%)
Wounded Knee District School (100%)
Rockyford School - 03 (100%)
Oglala Lakota County Virtual High School - 08 (100%)
Pine Ridge School (100%)
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average public school minority percentage is District of Columbia, with 90%. The county with the highest average public school minority percentage is Caguas County, PR with 100%.