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Back to School: Getting Up to Date with Required Vaccinations
Stay up to date on the current requirements for vaccinations for school-age children today, as well as some of the problems schools face when parents do not properly immunize their kids.
In the back-to-school bustle of filling backpacks and shopping for new school clothes, parents often forget about on the most important components of back-to-school preparations – updating children’s vaccine records. However, rising cases of pertussis in some areas of the U.S. is a painful reminder of why vaccinations are so important in preventing potentially deadly outbreaks among school-age children. Learn about the latest on vaccine protocol for students and why those shots are so essential for the health of the child and the entire student population.

Why Kids aren’t Vaccinated

Despite rules by school districts to bring immunizations up to date before students can be registered for the fall semester, some students enter school without ever getting a shot. Parents can opt out of immunizations for their children for religious or medical reasons. According to a report at San Francisco Gate, the number of parents making that choice could be on the rise – at least in some areas of the country.

For example, the number of students entering school without proper vaccinations has increased slightly in North Dakota, although the total number is still quite small. During the 2008-2009 school year, the number of students without vaccinations was just 1.2 percent in public schools and 3.1 percent in private schools. By the 2011-2012 school year, that number had risen to 1.6 percent in public schools and 4.5 percent in private schools.
The Berkeley Patch explains that a higher rate of unvaccinated children could be due in part
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10 Tips for Saving Cash on Back to School Supplies
Stretch your back-to-school budget with these 10 smart tips that will save you money while you check off your school supplies list.
Back to school time is right around the corner, and parents are beginning to wonder just how much it will cost them to send their precious children into their new classrooms fully equipped for the upcoming year. A recent survey by ICSC-Goldman Sachs found the average household will spend around $300 on school supplies this fall. While that number may seem like a hefty chunk of chain to cash-strapped parents, the good news is you can trim that budget with these 10 tips for saving big on school supplies.

Check Your Inventory

Before heading out to the stores with your supply list in hand, check your current inventory to see what you might already have in stock. Those leftover, unused pencils from last year, markers that still write like new, and extra folders and spiral notebooks quickly add up when you can shop for them for free from your own stash.  Consider keeping all of last year’s school supplies in a single bin to make it easy to see at a glance what you have and what you still need.
Start Early
School supply advertisements generally begin a month or two prior to the start of the school year, so keep your eyes open for the deals. By starting early, you have the luxury of shopping every sale as it hits, saving a bit on nearly every item on your list. The early bird shopper also enjoys the widest selection of supplies, in neat, orderly displays that are sure to
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Internet Access at School: What is Appropriate?
We examine the issue of Internet access in public schools, particularly in light of recent allegations from a father that his daughter was allowed to visit online dating websites from her school during class hours.
Technology is being used in schools to enhance the academic experience, with a wealth of research resources offered in “real time.” However, access to the Internet also comes with its own myriad of concerns, particularly when it is children in control of the navigation process. One recent incident - where a girl was dating online while at school - exemplifies the need for discussion and action when it comes to keeping children safe on the Internet while they are in school.

Girl Finds Online Dating on School Computer 

A 17-year-old girl in the Rochester Public School District got more than she bargained for when she went on her school computers recently. The John Marshall student found the online dating website Meetme.com during class time. According to a report at My FOX 47, the young woman made contact with a number of men from the website, many of whom wanted to have sex with her.
The student’s father said that because his daughter has special needs, as well as the mental functioning of an 11 year old, the girl’s Internet time is closely monitored at home. However, no one appeared to notice that this student had accessed the online dating site, or that she was sharing personal information like her cell phone number with others visiting the network.
Her father told the news station that he realized what had happened when he noticed his daughter had suspicious activity on her cell phone.

“She had pornographic pictures on there and she had befriended
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More Single-Sex Classrooms Spur Ongoing Debate
With more single-sex classrooms added to public schools across the county, we’ll look at whether these classrooms offer benefits to students in practice and what the ACLU has to say about the gender segregation.
Single-sex classrooms have been around for generations, although they have been primarily limited to elite private schools where academics are revered and rewarded no matter what the student’s gender. Today, same-sex classes are beginning to crop up in public schools across the country, thanks to relaxed restriction by the U.S. Department of Education. Is there benefit to segregating children into classrooms according to gender?  Both the opinions of educators – and the research supporting those opinions – appear to be widely mixed.
Are Single-Sex Classrooms Becoming More Prevalent?
According to the Huffington Post, there were approximately one dozen schools across the U.S. offering single-sex classrooms in 2002. Currently, around 500 public schools offer some sort of single-gender classroom options for students and their parents. The exponential growth of single-sex classrooms in recent years has to do with policy changes by the U.S. Department of Education, which relaxed the requirement to segregate students within public classrooms. The changes involved Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination of students in public schools, based on their gender.
In 2006, the Department of Education determined that same-sex classrooms should be allowed under Title IX, since some children learn better in single-sex classrooms than coed environments. The law requires single-sex classroom options to be completely voluntary, and it requires schools to offer traditional coed classrooms at the same time. According to the Department of Education’s website, “If a single sex classroom is provided, the important objective must be implemented in
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The Best Resources for Homeschool Lessons
Check out these helpful resources to collect ideas and information about developing effective homeschool lesson plans for your children!
Homeschooling allows parents the freedom to instruct their children at home; however, sometimes finding good lesson plans, ideas, and resources can be challenging. Check out these helpful sites to collect ideas and information about developing effective lesson plans for your children!

General Information on Lesson Plans - Grade School - Middle School - High School - Classroom Management

General Information on Lesson Plans

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