Diversity in US Public Schools

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  • Diversity in US public schools varies greatly by state and between school districts (2019-20).
  • US public schools have an average diversity score of 0.68.
  • The most diverse state is Hawaii, with a diversity score of 0.79.
  • The least diverse state is Puerto Rico, with a diversity score of 0.00.
  • The public schools with most diverse score in each state are listed below (where sufficient data available).

US Public School Diversity Scores By State (2020)

Diversity Score
Most Diverse School (Diversity Score)
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Did You Know?
The most diverse school district in the USA is Federal Way School District (WA) in Washington with a diversity score of 0.80. The most diverse school is North Star Elementary School in Anchorage, AK with a diversity score of 0.86.