Average Public School Math Proficiency

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  • The national average math proficiency is 45% (2020). Math proficiency of school are compared within their own state only.
  • Note that individual states determine criteria for 'proficiency' according to their own tests - proficiency percentages should not be compared across states due to the differing tests and criteria applied between each state.
  • The state with highest math proficiency is Iowa, with an 76% average math proficiency.
  • The state with lowest math proficiency is New Mexico, with an 22% average math proficiency.
  • The public schools with highest math proficiency in each state are listed below (where sufficient data available).

Average Public School Math Proficiency (2020)

Average Math Proficiency
School Math Proficiency
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average public school math proficiency is Iowa, with 76%. The state with lowest average public school math proficiency is New Mexico, with 22%.